This website has been developed and is maintained by brothers, sisters, family & friends of Ghislaine Maxwell, the people who have known the real Ghislaine all her life, not the fictional one-dimensional character created by the media.

As Daniel Moynihan, New York’s former Senator, famously said: “You are entitled to your opinion but not to your own facts”. This site is dedicated to presenting factual information about Ghislaine, her present situation and the case.  

Available on is exclusive content, news, commentary and useful resources. It is planned for other material to be added and readers can form a more balanced viewpoint.

Ghislaine's current status is that of a pre-trial detainee. As such, she is innocent and has the right to be presumed innocent, a constitutional right which is fundamental to preserve the fairness of the American system of justice.

We believe wholeheartedly in our beloved sister’s innocence and encourage visitors to this site to sign up for updates from the family on her case by providing your e-mail address below in the strictest of confidence. 

Media enquiries can be directed to this email:

You can find “public legal documents from the case” on Court Listener.

The Govt's contention that David Markus’ “…comments…are likely to interfere with the Court’s ability to conduct a fair trial with an impartial jury in this case” is rich indeed. People in glass houses…- These docs illustrate exactly what is going on here 
Markus OpEd:
Daly News Article
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